The Most Simple Pasta “Sauce”


This blog post will be as simple as my go to simple pasta “sauce” is. I put “sauce” in quotes because it’s the most bare bones you can get.

How to make it:

Cook your pasta of choice. I would recommend anything but ravioli for this sauce (will explain below).

For the sauce, in a small skillet or pan, heat up some butter and minced garlic.

When the minced garlic starts to sizzle, add in shallots or onions – whatever you have.

I like to then add into my herb of choice – it’s usually sage or thyme for pasta.

Add in any veggies you feel like adding in. This is a great opportunity to use up those veggies you feel like you’ll end up throwing away. I like to use spinach when I have it, but the veggies are optional.

Add in the pasta with some leftover pasta water, season to taste, and boom, you have a delicious, flavorful, very easy pasta!

I added in pancetta I bought at Market Délices at the Downtown Palo Alto Farmers’ Market and added some shaved parmesan on top. I used Black Pepper Gnocchi from Santa Cruz Fresh Pasta at the California Ave Farmers’ Market. This gnocchi worked really well with my sauce, and I’ve found success with other non-stuffed pastas, as well.

However, I tried the sauce with Lobster Ravioli, but I ended up making a butter cream sauce to pour on top for that one. I think the ravioli just needed something a bit saucier. The ravioli itself was super tasty though.