Another Saturday, Another Farmers’ Market


I woke up around 9 this morning, decided to go back to bed, and woke back up at around 11. I actually could have slept more, but I got ready in less than 5 minutes and headed out again to the Downtown Palo Alto Farmers’ Market. If I haven’t already told it to you over 100 times, it’s my new favorite way to spend Saturday mornings. Few things could have motivated me to get out of bed like that.

I had a better sense of what I was doing this time, since *hair flip*, I’m no longer a newbie. I pinball machined from stall to stall, starting off at Panorama Baking Company for several loaves of bread, pastries, and our absolute favorite challah. It’s amazing for french toast and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Thanks to the @paloaltofarmersmarket instagram, I knew I wanted to try the new vendor Beber Almond Milk. I picked up one lavender and one strawberry almond milk – oh my goodness, I could not recommend more. As soon as I got home, I made a latte with the strawberry almond milk as a base. As my partner put it, it tastes like strawberry mochi in liquid form.

Beber Almond Milk is a woman-owned and operated business. Let’s support it, along with all of the precious local businesses we have around here.