A Sunday at the California Ave Farmers’ Market


My usual go-to farmers’ market is the Downtown Palo Alto one, but my friend and I decided to check out the California Ave one. This one is also in Palo Alto, but you guessed it – on California Ave. This farmers’ market is MUCH bigger.

Having made a full round around the whole thing, including the time it took to buy, we spent a little over an hour there.

I’ve decided I like the California Ave market more for prepared foods or larger, more established local businesses.

The highlights for me were Backyard Brews, which is actually not a farmers’ market stall but a café that has a permanent place on California Ave. You walk through a beautiful little alley to get to the adorable “backyard.” I’d also recommend some of the best banh mi I’ve had, although I would recommend not getting it spicy because it was SPICY SPICY. Lastly, I would recommend Santa Cruz Fresh Pastas.

I think I’ll still go to the downtown market for my day-to-day groceries, but California Ave is more fun for music and a day out in the sun or a hang out with a friend.