Cheesecakes and L•I•F•E


Six years ago, one my best friends from college and I predicted where each of our friends, including ourselves, would be in the next ten years. We’re five to six years out of our predictions, but thus far, we were really wrong. 

Many of us are stuck in the monotony of a Monday-Friday job. Monday through Friday, it’s a lot of the same: wake up, go to work, maybeeee grab drinks with someone, go home. Repeat. Over and over again. I find myself in the same places day in and day out, near my office, near my apartment, the same neighborhoods. Self-imposed monotony.

I’ve talked to some of my friends and some have interesting updates in their lives – moving to a new apartment, to a new city, to a new country! New boo thangs, new jobs, new travels. Life can be so exciting and grand.

But I, along with a few others, recently have had no big news to share. There’s a lot of “possibly this” and “maybe that” and “thinking about doing this,” but there’s no big shift in the paradigm that is life. So I try to plan this and that in the hopes that these things will give me something to look forward to on another given Monday…

But the one super lesson I’ve learned is that nothing ever, ever, ever goes as planned (unless you’re JC Ernsteinbay).

And sometimes, life begs to stay quiet (or crazy) for a little bit longer.

That’s what I’m learning to appreciate: being patient with the life I’m living, because if the past holds true, the silence or noise will come back in full force at some point.

It all seems to work out though. Based on my experience thus far, there doesn’t seem to be any point in worrying too much or rushing things. Really just trying to go with the flow. Nothing’s permanent. Everyone’s nice in the beginning but the good ones stick around. Trust the ones that walk and don’t just talk. Flower markets will brighten your day, guaranteed. Have hope! Eat well.

As cliché as this is, I actually have a view of the mountains from where I’m writing this. The world is so much bigger than me, and sometimes I get so stuck in my own head that I forget that I’m not trapped, I’m still very young, and the world I know isn’t the only one worth knowing.


Also, here’s a cheesecake I ventured out to find – pretty much the only thing that’s gone according to plan, ever. And who’s to say no to a little luck?