ABC Kitchen


If you ask me for recommendations for a quality, trendy meal in NYC, I will always include ABC Kitchen on that list. 

Being the California native that I am, I always try to eat all organic and food made with fresh ingredients. ABC Kitchen, another Jean-Georges restaurant, is located right by Union Square, and has some amazing cocktails and dishes made with all the care and freshness I like. 

I usually do family-style when I dine there. The most popular dish is the Crab Toast w Lemon Aioli, for good reason. I highly recommend sharing that, along with the bowtie pasta, mushroom pizza, and any of the salads for a solid meal. 

Food is top quality, so you’ll impress anybody you take here. But it’s impossibly hard to get a reservation, so make sure to book in advance!

Address: 35 East 18th Street, between Broadway and Park Ave
Phone: +1 212 475 5829

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