Hong Kong


Just a 4-hr flight from Seoul, I visited Hong Kong for a short but incredibly fun weekend.

If I were to live in Hong Kong or anywhere close enough that I could visit, I wouldn’t have to leave Asia. It’s the perfect mix of East and West, nature and city, international and local, all in one place. 

All the food was so good. I had everything from Cantonese to Thai to Indian to ice cream in a fruit-loop marshmallow-coated cone to a dim sum brunch.

Although it’s a bustling city, Hong Kong is also teeming with nature and hikes with some incredible views (I did Dragon’s Back). 

In terms of nightlife, I went out in Lan Kwai Fong, known as LKF to locals, where all the bars and clubs are conveniently all in area for seamless shenanigans. Both nights ended with pizza, so I would consider that pretty seamless and successful.

I sometimes forget that life exists outside of my own experiences, but the world is so big, full of people I have yet to meet and adventures I have yet to go on. I met some incredibly kind, welcoming, and global people this past weekend, and I think this is just the beginning of some new, wonderful adventures together with friends, old and new.


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