Roaming Around Rome and Milano


I would argue that Italian food is the most universally liked food in the world.

Italy, like Greece and South Korea, is on a peninsula. With that in effect, Italian, Greek, and Korean culture are all very similar. We’re very family-oriented, hot tempered, but warm and hospitable. And the food is the best! This might be why whenever I visit Italy, I feel a sense of comfort and ease with the people more so than when I visit other countries. Do you disagree?!

Italian food is one of the few cuisines where the simpler, the better. And I shall apply that philosophy to this post: the simpler, the better. Rome and Milan!!

Fun fact: Italian food often mirrors the colors of the Italian flag…  o_O

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My favorite restaurant was in Milan. It was a very simple trattoria called Il Tavolino, right near the train station. It was completely authentic and casual, but the food was UNREAL. I dream about that pizza. I also fell in love with the guy who made the pizza. He unfortunately drove away in his Vespa in the rain – a romantic image intself, but alas, I was not meant to be with the pizza man.

IMG_2313 IMG_2304IMG_2301

And with that, my Euro trip was over. But I’ll be traveling around again in no time…you can’t stop me!!!


I definitely need a vacation from my pasta restaurant after looking at all of these great dishes! YUM!!!!

Next time I’m in the Bay, I’ll have to check you guys out!

That’s so mean! It looks so amazing, I just have to go Italy now, just for some lovely food… 🙂

It’s 11:00 pm here in Vietnam and your food is killing me haha. Awesome food photos!

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You have some amazing food over there, so I think we’re even 🙂 thank you though!!