Shout Out to My Homies!!


Just now, I was hit by a wave of gratefulness and appreciation for my friends. In that moment, I realized that I had friends who really care about me and that there are others that just float to the back of my mind. Friendship is extremely unpredictable and malleable – one minute, you could be best friends and the next, you could care less. It’s a sad truth, but it happens. But I’ve noticed a pattern – there are always the friends who come back around from the hidden stacks of your brain that you thought never would. The friends that are meant to stick, stick.
I remember a recent graduate told me before I got to Amherst that the friends you make that first year of college will be some of your best friends for the rest of your life. You may have your ups and downs and make new ones here and there, but eventually, everything comes full circle…as is the great, circle of life…and in the end, you’ll find yourself going back to certain people.
I’ve got to say though, it hasn’t been easy for me to come to this realization. There are people my dad describes as “tiring,” that I just shouldn’t waste my time on. These are people that no matter how hard you try, they just bring you down. And then there are those people who use you and don’t give back in any way. Some people are okay with this kind of friendship – more power to you – I like my friendships to be a reciprocal, two-way sort of thing. There’s a reason Barney’s song went “I love you, you love me,” not just I LOVE YOU… … …
So it’s been a wonderful sort of moment thinking about being able to laugh with my friends out under the sun (or shade if you want to maintain a flawless complexion like I have *hair flip* just kidding…) – or the friends you can fart in front of or the friends who fart in front of you (and you just kind of want to die) – the friends you get unintentionally way too drunk with off of two (one?) beers and make speeches in a near silent bar to each other about how much you love them – the friends you love eating with – the friend of 11 years and counting – the friend you can just go orgasm over cheese with – the friends who get naked in front of you against your will – the friend who always will randomly message you asking what’s up, no reason necessary – Sloppy and Ham – the friends you’ve traveled with – the friend with whom you drove to Valpo Hill and just sang – the chillest and the illest with a certain Rainbow Fish – new friends – old friends – the friends that are just easy to be around – the friends who send you, quite frankly, really ugly Snapchats and the ones you can send your double chin right back at – Slutty Commencement – the friends who text you a thousand times in a span of two minutes asking if you’re alive, and since you’re in the bathroom for those two minutes, they assume you’re dead and so they bring you Starbucks – the friends who make you laugh until your stomach hurts – the friends who take you to the diner late at night because they know how stressed you are – and the friends who when I say “picture time” don’t even say a word and just smile, selfie or not.
So cheers to the best, most fun, most wonderful friends I could ever ask for!!


I love this post! Makes you appreciate all the little things (and people) that a lot of people may not be fortunate enough to have..