Eating til' Uncomfortably Full Since '92


After the whirlwind of end-of-year responsibilities, a few of my friends and I escaped to Massachusetts country side to stay at my friend Evelyn’s country house. It was absolutely the perfect way to unwind, with a view of a green, sunlit field and a hammock and bench swing in front of her isolated, tranquil house.
IMG_2647 IMG_2404
As beautiful as our surroundings were, we honestly spent about 90% of our time at the dining table. We would eat an amazing meal (for hours) and then talk and vegetate at the table (for hours). We would take a momentary break to go shower or change clothes. But I don’t really know why we were showering or changing because we were going to end up in front of the same people at the same place in about an hour doing the same thing anyway. Formalities maybe, or perhaps changing into loser pants so we could breathe, considering I kept eating until I was uncomfortably full.IMG_2405
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The Kramer family is pretty French considering that they aren’t. They do elaborate course meals, drinking nice wines throughout and ending with cheese (although Evelyn has a weird phobia of cheese). We had everything from lamb, smoked salmon, crepes, elaborate salads, to beautiful antipasti and chicken. Evelyn’s mom also makes a bangin’ latte.
From the country house, we moved on to their Brooklyn flat, with a rooftop view that looks over the river and all of Manhattan. We went out every day and night, shopping, eating and drinking, meeting the friendliest people along the way, including Norwegians and French college students and random barhoppers. As we sat on the roof with champagne and hummus, I couldn’t help but think, “I honestly could not ask for more in life right now.”
To show Evelyn’s parents our gratitude, we prepared them a dinner as well, which included a Quiche Lorraine, Ratatouille, Chicken cooked in bacon and olive oil with Chicken Apple sausage and onions, and a nice garden salad. IMG_2640 IMG_2638 IMG_2639
I gained maybe about twenty bajillion pounds, but I don’t regret a single calorie. Such a perfect week.


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