Karma and 14 Things I'd Rather Be Eating Right Now


The other night, I decided to “mupload” some food pictures on Facebook. As per usual, I got generally hostile comments such as “DIE” or “I hate you.” I chuckled a little to myself and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up and something was a little off. A little become a lot and soon, I found myself with the stomach flu. Since that night, I have consumed ginger ale, saltines, and gatorade. Needless to say, karma got the best of me. I’ll be honest – I’ve been scrolling through my food photos and hating myself as well. So here are 14 things I’d rather be eating right now via my own collection of food porn…
Popcorn Chicken from Tutti Melon in San FranciscoIMG_5843
Home-cooked Tteokbokki 떡볶이IMG_2495 Pizza Fries from UMAMI in Los AngelesIMG_5679 Tonkotsu – Japanese Ramen from London IMG_2187 Fresh Bruschetta from RomeIMG_1628 Home-cooked Kimchi Pancakes 김치전IMG_2731 The purest Green Tea Ice Cream from Kyoto, JapanIMG_2813 Macaroni & Cheese Spring Roll from Off the Grid in San FranciscoIMG_5281 Kimchi Pork Quesadillas from Galleria Groumet 494IMG_9766 Farmer’s Cheese, baby artichoke, radish and meyer relish from Piccino in San FranciscoIMG_5646 Chickpea Burger from Halifax in CopenhagenIMG_1136 Monaca 모나카 Ice Cream from Sushi Matsumoto 스시마츠모토IMG_0480 Ricotta Salad from Galleria Gourmet 494IMG_0158 Brunch in CopenhagenIMG_1095
Bonus 15th thing: Rice rolls from Kappo Yokomori…not gonna lie, I would do some nasty things to get some of that
So wash your hands and appreciate your health!!


The first one looks like popcorn chicken from Taiwan, which I crave from time to time >_< And that is some seriously GREEN green tea ice cream…at first I thought it was pistachio. I'm hungry now 🙁