Esselon Café: Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free and every other Dietary Fad and Restriction


Considering the number of times I’ve driven past it and been told to go, I still hadn’t been to Esselon Café, just off of Route 9. Sometimes I think the town of Amherst exists only because the college does, so it was nice to drive a little bit out of the bubble and see people that weren’t professors or hungover college students. My friend was visiting for the weekend, so on our way to school from the airport, we decided to drop in.

The menu consists of a zillion ethnic coffees, organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, whole wheat, locally-grown, acne-preventing, soul-cleansing, anti-artery-clogging, life-changing, orgasm-inducing, and really really healthy breakfast, brunch, and lunch items that probably do wonders for your digestive tract. I decided to get the “Big Brekkie” while my vegetarian friend got a vegetarian breakfast burrito and my gluten-intolerant friend got a gluten-free Smoked Salmon Benedict. Help.


IMG_1090Esselon’s reputation held true. The food was fresh and delicious and filling. The prices were not bad at all either considering the portion and quality. It was a bustling, granola atmosphere, and I highly recommend a visit to this charming cafe for a nice brunch!!



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