An “Interview” in Boston


It’s really refreshing to get off campus occasionally. It’s also refreshing to go on a drive somewhere. I had an interview scheduled in Boston on the Friday before Easter Sunday, but apparently they were closed, so I decided to go anyway and at least do a little shopping and eat something other than “Chili Fritos” and “All Beef Hot Dogs” from Val.

I feel really sorry for anybody who potentially would have gone with me on that hour-and-a-half car ride because they really missed out on my virtuosity. I was belting the same Whitney Houston cover by Ailee (K-Pop Star, duh) on repeat. I also remembered that sound travels in waves, because I would stop for a second, and there would be a strange ringing in my ears. It doesn’t bother me, but it probably would have been the equivalent of being in an elevator with an opera singer. (Something I have also been known to do to my friends and little brother). I would even throw in “What About Us” by the Saturdays for every ten times I played the first song, and considering my innate ability to harmonize, you definitely missed out.

I’m taking a course in American Art and Architecture, and one of the buildings we studied recently was the Trinity Church in Copley Square in Boston. Lo and behold, I found myself in Copley Square, staring at it in the face. I of course had to Instagram it as people looked on, judging me as the typical Asian tourist. Another reason it was probably best I went alone…


I then met up with some friends, did some shopping, tra-la-la, on the quaint and charming Newbury Street in the Back Bay, and then went to Georgetown Cupcakes. I had my first cupcake from there just a few weeks ago and I definitely had a sexual experience with it. So of course, I had to go back. They’re adorably presented and unbelievably delicious. They are moist, thick, and the frosting, whether it be chocolate or cream cheese, literally oozes into the actual baked goodness itself.


I also decided that dessert wouldn’t quite do for dinner, so I also went to Legal Seafood, a well-known surprisingly high-quality chain restaurant. I got the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (I highly recommend it) and the Legal Crab Cake. The Crab Cake was a bit creamy and rich and bland for me, but it was still quite good.

IMG_0855 IMG_0867I then finished my day with a Pinkberry. My new favorite topping is the Cinnamon Honey. I like to say that I use frozen yogurt as a palette cleanser, if you will. If you won’t, I have no clever response to that except to tell you that you are missing out.

IMG_0874So all in all, I would say my interview went really well!!