The Yummy Pizza Rises: Arise Pizzeria


I don’t know if you got that, but that’s a Dark Knight Rises reference.

Every time I would go out to dinner, I would respond to a few texts here and there, but AT LEAST ONE would ALWAYS be “you should check out Arise!! It’s so good!!” The first few times, it was fine – I love getting recommendations from friends and having new places to look forward to. But by the fourth week in, I would already be in the middle of a meal at a different restaurant when I would receive these texts, so I would roll my eyes and then respond “definitely next time!!” But I’m not free of fault – I probably some mild short term memory loss, and even though I swear I’m going to go to Arise, I always end up going somewhere else, which is saying something because I’m in Amherst, Massachusetts and there really is not that much out here.

But I finally went!! And I’ll definitely be going again. I went with three other friends, and so the four of us split two pizzas: the “close shave” and “Popeye’s Flashback.” I personally thought adding fried chicken to “Popeye’s Flashback” would make it the best thing ever…

Anyway, I highly recommend it – the atmosphere is relaxing and mellow, there’s a bar, and the pizza is very good – crispy crusts and quality toppings. Arise should rise in the ranks…ha…haha!!…

Popeye’s Flashback: crimini mushroom, spinach, roasted tomato sauce, herbed ricotta and aged mozzarellaIMG_2878

Close Shave: aged mozzarella, chèvre, smoked sweet onions, tossed shaved fennel and arugula, balsamic reduction and black pepper

-I really liked this one because first of all, it looks crazy, and the goat cheese is subtly flavorful