Lounging at Lumberyard


I thought that 30 Boltwood at the Lord Jeff Inn would be my only culinary and wine sanctuary, but tonight, I found another little gem called Lumberyard. It’s right next to the best bakery in town called Wheatberry (another post for another time).

The interior is clean and simple modern, with dimmed lights and get dimmer as the night gets later. While I think the atmosphere at Lumberyard is better – perfect place to munch and lounge – I think the food is better at Lord Jeff because the food at Lumberyard was all quite filling and rich, while the dessert was a little too sweet, but I loved the wine we ordered and the food was still good. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the meal tonight (the sea scallop was delicious and I loved the rib eye and duck breast was great) because I was with three other people who actually appreciate and understand food.

Special: Poutine – Fries with melted cheese, sauerkraut, and thinly-sliced filet, soaked in a mustard seed-based dark sauce



Seared Duck Breast: miso pistachio butter, srispy spring roll, grilled napa, yam


Grilled Ribeye: blue cheese potato salad, whipped marrow


Pumpkin Bread PuddingIMG_2884

As I was walking home with my friend, he was asking me why I hadn’t been out to more restaurants around Amherst. First of all, I know I was a lazier my freshman and sophomore years, so my semester abroad in paris made me appreciate eating out and appreciating the area around me more – so I actually have been going out a lot more and exploring Amherst and Northampton. But we also decided that we want to eat with people who actually LOVE food or at least want to learn to love it, because there really is a small population of people who actually care about and enjoy what they eat and don’t worry all the time about the calories and if they’re going to gain weight. And the people who complain about the food or people who are can’t eat this and that and this and that? Nope. That’s why I loved the people I ate with tonight!! And that’s why I’m friends with the people I’m friends with 🙂

I’m excited for it to get warm because I could definitely see myself getting something to munch on at Wheatberry and then lounging outside at Lumberyard with some starters and small plates with a glass of wine.