21 Things I Want to Share Before I Turn 21


In just over three weeks, I will be twenty-one, making the official transition into my twenties, with no looking back. So, here are just a few notes…

1. It’s a sad truth, but friends come and go – don’t set your sights on forever with them because anything can happen, no matter how many Thought Catalog articles about best friendship you can relate to

2. Family is another label, but a label that’s a lot harder to shed

3. There really are some selfish people out there

4. There’s no love like a mother’s love

5. Freshman 15 (20) is a real thing, so there’s no point in dieting before college

6. Start taking care of your skin’s youthful glow early, because I’ve already seen people who look just a little too old to be holding that red solo cup

7. If you happen to find yourself near a beach or sea water, take advantage of it and jump in, regardless of temperature because it’s good for your skin, hair, and soul

8. Water heals all – sweat, sea, tears

9. Don’t tell everybody about your personal life

10. It’s rare for people to really listen to advice because they are just waiting to hear what they want to hear – so just go with the flow and be a good listener

11. Don’t lock yourself in every night to do work – you’ll sooner regret not taking advantage of your youth and energy than not going to class

12. Audition for anything that you think more than twice about – you’ll go a very long time wondering what would have happened had you auditioned

13. It seems impossible, but if you like someone, tell them – that drunk text or confrontation will SUCK BALLS for a while, but just trust me, you’ll look back and be so much happier with yourself that you actually told them how you felt

14. Be grateful and be open about it – even the most generous people need to feel appreciated every once in a while

15. There are people who look like they could do no wrong: beautiful, athletic, desirable, charismatic, friendly, smart, talented, long-legged, artistic, sensitive, chill, cool, good listeners, wealthy…Sometimes they’re hiding shit, sometimes life is just not fair and some people are perfect

16. Learn to love rather than hate people because you’re never going to get away from them unless you become a hermit, and if you do, by all means power to you

17. You don’t have to deal with problems the way everybody else does or the way everybody expects you to – some keep their feelings to themselves and some have to share them and communicate – don’t force people one way or another and don’t feel forced

18. Treat your body with respect – exercise and eat well

19. Eat well, but also eat what you love

20. Think positively

21. Don’t get drunk, don’t get naked, don’t get caught 🙂