12 Ways to De-stress


1. Make the effort and go watch a movie in theatres with your best friend

2. Don’t make the effort and download a movie illegally with a friend and watch in one of your beds with a glass of wine or two…or three..or more…

3. Order hot cookies and two quarts of milk with a friend or two and just talk about sex

4. Sweat it off by going on a run or going on the elliptical – it’s the healthiest way to relieve stress

5. Go on a drive by yourself and find a good restaurant, sit yourself at a table for one, and enjoy a long meal – very liberating

6. Order delivery (calzones or Chinese food), just sit in your room and refuse to leave or answer any calls or texts, pretend you don’t exist, and then watch a movie or your favorite TV show on your computer

7. Make a card for somebody just for the hell of it, telling them how much you appreciate them. Heck, throw in some chocolate to go along with it

8. Sign up for a psych study and get easy cash

9. Just sit on your bed, close your eyes, and blast your most empowering music as loudly as humanly possible – disregard your neighbors

10. Make videos of you and your friend singing, dancing, and/or rapping – you’d be surprised

11. Write about whatever is stressing you out

12. Sleep.