Revelation About Food


I had noticed, since my time in Paris, that all of the photos of food I had taken in Seoul had a completely different feel and look to them – most notably in the color. The majority of my pictures of food in Seoul were very warm, vibrant colors, whereas my pictures in France and in the States leaned towards a more muted palette.

It just so happens that at dinner shortly after that observation, my mom pointed out that food gets spicier as you go South, because you want to sweat it out in the heat – which only means that food is going to have a hotter look to it!!

If you made that connection before, fantastic!! But I thought it was so cool. As you go farther North, the food is more about fish and refined carbohydrates, which have a blander color, whereas if you go South, whether it be Italy or Southeast Asia, the peppers and spices add a zesty flair to the presentation. So BAM!!

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Kristen, I love your blog! Great post and super interesting observation!


Thanks Charlotte!! It makes me so happy that you read my blog 🙂