Food and Family


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself spending less and less time with my family. I go to school a fourteen-hour plane ride away from my family, and I have been spending my summers and vacations in the States, working or staying with friends. Every year, the time I spend in Seoul gets more and more narrow, and it makes me sad. I’m very lucky to be close with my family and have good relations with my parents and my little brother. I enjoy spending time just sitting and lounging around and eating at home, with my family around.

My family is all about food. If you know me at all, I get it from somewhere. My parents have legitimate arguments over what we’re going to eat for dinner, while at the table, eating breakfast. So it’s only natural that most of my memories and the quality time I spend with my family involve food. And with the time I spend with them getting foreshortened, we get more and more desperate to eat good food together as often as possible. So it seems that our standards have only risen, making each meal and dish that much more unforgettable and delicious. The ever-shortening time I have with them only makes me want to appreciate and savor each bite more and more, so that each meal and every minute with them is unforgettable.

Eating with my family only makes me want to expose my friends to all the delicious things I’ve had the opportunity to eat as well – not even only my best friends, but anybody who wants to try new, delicious things. So if you ever want an eating buddy, don’t hesitate to hit a homie up 🙂

APPRECIATE THE LIMITED AND PRECIOUS TIME YOU HAVE WITH YOUR FAMILY!! There’s nobody else in the world who will love you and support you like your family!!

Alas, here are some of the last things I ate while I was in Korea the most recent break. Enjoy just as my family, friends and I enjoyed them!!

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