Caffé Bene: An Original Haiku


To fully appreciate the following work of art, Bene is pronounced “Bennay.”


Caffé Bene Yum

Pene is Penis in Spain

Penne Pasta Yum


That is just an excerpt of my poetic genius. For more, feed me lots of wine and fried chicken.

To touch on the real reason for this post, Caffé Bene is one of my favorite places to go in Seoul. It’s a café chain that you can find all over Seoul. It’s a great spot to meet up with a friend because of it’s comfortable and cozy atmosphere, and none of their food or drinks are half-assed.

My favorite things to get are the waffles (my go-to being the waffle with gelato on top) or the Caramel Cinnamon Bread. For a drink, I get the Misugaru 미숫가루 Latte, which is essentially sweet ground whole grain with soaked and mixed in with warm milk – a perfect winter drink. I generally turn to the waffle with gelato in the summer and the bread and warm drink in the winter. I’ve been there about five times in the last ten days, so if you want to try it out, just hit a homie up!!

IMG_2311 IMG_0164