Supernature is Supergood


IMG_2300Yet again, I found myself at another hip brunch spot, just a five minute walk from where I live. I had read that the concept of this place called Supernature was, unsurpisingly, health and organic food. Missing my California granola life, I decided to go with a friend and have a yummy Sunday brunch.

As soon as I walked in, I couldn’t help but smile at the bright, happy interior. It was bustling and everybody was enjoying what looked like their delicious meals over lively, Sunday conversation. Once my friend and I got a seat, we each ordered the two options – she ordered “Nature,” and I ordered “Detox.” The only differences were subtle changes in flavors – for example, I got a grain, vegetable galette of sorts, while she got a potato gratin and eggs – slight differences like that among other ones – but we both got the best muesli I’ve ever had, and fresh squeezed juice. Before everything though, they bring out a tray of confiture and the best chocolate spread along with a basket of bread (the same type of basket-ish-thing that you get at a dim sum restaurant!!)

I would say this is the best brunch I’ve had in Paris (nothing quite beats Copenhagen), but Supernature wins by superfar. It’s 20€ for a brunch, but my friend and I both walked out, well, unable to walk. The food was fresh and great quality – highly recommend it!!

IMG_2302IMG_2303IMG_2304The guacamole made me SO happy and the quinoa salad was incredible – they also put some sort of oriental sauce as the vegetable dressing which was fantastic and fresh