Brussels: Waffles, Chocolate, Mussels, and Fries


Brussels and Salzburg take the cake for my two favorite cities in Europe. I have LOVED all of the cities I’ve visited, but I love Brussels and Salzburg in a different way. I loved the other cities the way I would love a new, exciting friend, or London like a best friend. But I love Brussels and Salzburg the way you love an outright beautiful person – just mesmerized and taken.

Literally every shop was a chocolate shop or waffle stand. I’m not even exaggerating. Literally, one chocolate shop after another. I kid you not when I say all that I consumed were waffles, chocolate, mussels, fries, with some raclette and meatballs thrown in there. I didn’t even drink water until the second day or so because all I was drinking was beer. Speaking of beer, my friends and I went to a beer house called Delirium that houses over 2000 different types of beer, a Guiness World Record holder.

We stayed in the Grand Place, which is probably one of the most gorgeous places I’ve been in Europe. Literally, a 360 jaw-dropping spectacle. There were also Christmas markets and Christmas spirit scattered all around the city. Brussels is definitely a city to visit in the wintertime, near Christmas. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

It was a great last adventure this unforgettable semester abroad.



Mussels (“Moules”)



Mussels in Gratin

IMG_2481Beer on Beer on Beer – Best beer I’ve ever had at Delirium – one of them was Mango Beer – great life decision


Belgian Waffle (“Gaufre”) with Nutella – I kept it simple


Raclette Plate – Raclette is a type of cheese – Swiss origin

IMG_8979Fries with Andalouse Sauce – think In N Out Special Sauce…on crack


Atomium – Built for the 1958 World Exhibition


Beautiful Chocolate and Sweet Shops EVERYWHERE


IMG_2458Best Speculoos at Maison Dandoy – St. Nicholas shaped!!


Manneken Pis – Peeing Statue



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I’m so glad you liked Brussels! (Half of my studies are in Belgium and it’s such a great yet eccentric country 😛 ) A lot of people found Brussels boring but I totally love it and find it super charming, and yes, especially during Christmas season! You covered the important foodstuffs – beer, mussels, chocolate, waffles, and fries. Awesome! 😀