Amsterdam…Should Be Illegal


Essentially everything that is illegal in the world – prostitution, marijuana, awesomeness – is legal in Amsterdam. It didn’t feel like real life. Literally every other person we passed by looked like they should be in a commercial for Visine. My friends and I couldn’t help but wonder how there isn’t anarchy. For example, we walked through the Red Light District, and it was just…so…open. Nobody was hiding the fact that prostitutes were literally dancing and flaunting their very naked bodies in the windows – like window displays. Even apart from that grittiness, I couldn’t get a gauge for who was Dutch and who wasn’t – I just couldn’t read into their souls and demeanors. It was such a cool, hip – a grungier version of Copenhagen. I can’t quite describe it because my experience there was surreal (for reasons unexplained…)? The people were beyond helpful and kind although being a tourist might be different from actually living there, and it might also have to do with the fact that Paris beats the shit out of you.

My favorite part of the city was the canals and the architecture – Dutch architecture is probably my second favorite type, my favorite being Gaudi.


In terms of food, they aren’t particularly gastronomy-centric, but the Dutch are known for their pancakes and Indonesian food. The pancakes are like a mix between crêpes and American pancakes, while Indonesian food is a more rich version of Thai food.

Caramel Pancake


Hot Chicken Pancake


Cinnamon Roll


Indonesian Rice Plater – Rice and a bunch of small dishes along with it – fantastic concept – very similar to Korean style of eating in fact…maybe it’s an Asian thing. It was just SO nice to eat Asian food.


I also discovered this extremely addicting snack called “Stroop Wafels” – essentially Caramel Wafers – literally unbelievable – I must have gone through at least three packs by myself


And other than Café Angelina in Paris, Dutch Hot Chocolate is probably some of the best I’ve ever had, as is the Chocolate Milk – Look for the brand Chocomel


I would LOVE to go back in the summer time one day – to Amsterdam and farther out into the Holland country side.



Those satay looks delicious, and that caramel pancake surely looks really interesting! Hello from Indonesia.

I love your post! I am a French expat coming from Paris and I live in Amsterdam for more than 2 years now. I think your article draft a great and realistic picture of the city. Although I’d be a shame if Amsterdam become illegal ; )

Merci beaucoup!! Héhéhé no complaints about the legality in Amsterdam 🙂