The Best Macaron I’ve Ever Tasted


White Truffle Hazelnut Macaron from Pierre Hermé. I’ve gone there before and I’ll go there again. I consider these the best macarons in the world. Ladurée is definitely worth a visit because it’s the oldest and most traditional, but in terms of taste, Pierre Hermé wins. The difference is that with Ladurée macarons and other more traditional ones, the outer meringue and inner cream are separate entities – you are biting into the delicate meringue and then letting the cream melt through. But Pierre Hermé macarons are different: the meringue is a little bit thicker and softer and seems to be carefully fused with the inner cream, allowing you to distinguish the texture but also have all of it come together as one cohesive pastry. So again, this is a White Truffle Hazelnut macaraon – I think the name is enough to make your mouth water, but you have to taste it yourself to understand the brilliance of the flavors.

You can even see the bits of hazelnut and the twinkling silver.

And a bonus picture – Creme Brûlée Macaron… 😉



do these ship to nj? : )

Is there anything more beautiful than a macaron extreme close up? 🙂

I realize now how foolish I’ve been to toot Ladurée’s horn without ever trying Pierre Hermé…how embarrasing! I must make a visit soon to compare the two.

Ladurée is great for the tradition and history, but in terms of taste, Pierre Hermé is the way to go 🙂