Salzburg: The Sound of Music


Take me back. Salzburg is one of my favorite places in all of Europe, and maybe even the world.

It’s the most beautiful, fresh-aired town I’ve ever been to, surrounded by the Alps on all sides. My friend and I chose to do the Sound of Music Tour, which was probably the best decision of my life. I thought that they were just going to take us to the famous filming spots, which they did, including the gazebo, the Von Trapp residence, the lake where the children and Maria fall into, Mirabelle Gardens and the Pegasus fountain where they sang Do-Re-Mi…but they also took us outside of Salzburg, into the hills and lakes region (the hills are alive~ with the sounds of music~!!), into the heart of the Alps and to a little village called Mondsee, where the church where Maria and Captain Von Trapp got married. They also played music from the film during our bus ride, and I’ll admit, I teared up when Edelweiss came on. On our own time, we also stopped by the Abbey, the multiple bridges crossing the river, including the one Maria and the kids go prancing on, church after church, Mozart’s house, and all through the small streets lined with Christmas shops and windows adorned with dirndls and lederhosen.

The Best Apple Studel I’ve ever had – you haven’t had real Apple Strudel unless you’ve had it in the heart of the hills of Salzburg and with the hot Vanilla Sauce


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