Poilâne: The Best Apple Pastry in Paris


Using my David Lebovitz Paris Pastry App like the cool kid that I am, I decided to visit Poilâne what he claimed is the best bakery in Paris. I wasn’t in the mood to throw out 21 euro for a loaf of their famous sourdough loaf, but I went for their deceivingly simple Apple tart. I hesitate to call it an Apple tart because 1) it wasn’t tarty and 2) it should be called a Soft, Doughy Croissant-Textured Apple Tastebud-gasm.


i really think their bread are average… and the croissant and pastries as well!

[…] before I leave here, and La Cuisine de Bar, in the Saint Germain des Près area, right next door to Poîlane (best apple pastries), was on that list. Ch-ch-ch-CHECK!! My friends and I went after class for lunch today, and I can […]

You can buy part of a loaf, or even just a few tranches.

[…] I am, I searched far and wide for the reason until I saw that David Lebovitz had shared my post on Poilâne on his personal Facebook page and his Pastry App page!! David Lebovitz is a Paris food expert, and […]

This pastry looks fantastic–but I still would have given you the 21 E for the bread. 🙂 Ken

I will be throwing in 21 my last week here as a no-regrets treat to myself 🙂