Le Mystère du Jadis: French Bistro with a Twist


The whole time I’ve been in Paris, I haven’t actually been to that many classic, French bistros. So I decided, since I chose to stay here this weekend instead of going to Barcelona, to have as much of a Parisian weekend as possible. My friend and I went back and forth, sending each other ideas for a restaurant we could go to for tonight; we had already decided that we wanted French bistro. Finally, we decided on Jadis. It had gotten good reviews and seemed to have reasonable prices.

So we ventured down to the 15th arrondissement, a relatively unvisited area, and enjoyed a three-course meal for only 36€. It’s a very small, modest interior, with dimmed lights and French-enough decor with a very local clientele. For a lot of places in Paris, people say “don’t go for the food, but for the atmosphere and Parisian experience,” but in this case, I would say absolutely go for the food. It’s a menu of French classics with flavorful and innovative twists. It didn’t hold the beauty of a 3-star Michelin, but the taste was great.

On another note, the chef came out of the kitchen at one point and my first thought was how young he was – he can’t have been more than 28 – and very attractive…

Ravioli with sweet stuffing, soaked in an extremely (in the best way possible) flavorful meat-based soup, garnished with apples – I forgot the real French name of the dish :-/


Magret de canard rôti sur os, purée de panais et légumes d’hiver – cooked so well and tenderly, although I wish they had pre-cut it into slices to make it easier to eat (I’m just lazy)

IMG_2283Alcohol-based Sorbet – to cleanse the palette after the main course and just before dessert – the metal bowl worked perfectly for the sorbet

IMG_2286“Le Mystère du Jadis” – it’s technically a mystery, but it was something along the lines of a crunchy, crispy outside with softly frozen cream or ice cream with chocolate in the middle – the crisps on the outside were like that of Crunch bars and ground assortment of nuts – I HIGHLY recommend this dessert


I saw other people around the restaurant order some sort of spread, which seemed to be quite popular, so I would recommend that if you get the chance. These 3 courses were part of a Prix Fixe menu for just 36€. It was REALLY great quality for the price – almost too good.