La Cuisine de Bar: Open-Faced Happiness


I have a list of restaurants and eateries I NEED to go to before I leave here, and La Cuisine de Bar, in the Saint Germain des Près area, right next door to Poîlane (best apple pastries), was on that list. Ch-ch-ch-CHECK!! My friends and I went after class for lunch today, and I can safely say that you haven’t had an open-faced sandwich until you’ve eaten here (La Boulange doesn’t count). The French call them “tartines,” which are essentially toasted bread with toppings (so chic). We each got the formule (deal) for 13.50€ that came with a soup or salad, a tartine, a beverage, and coffee or tea. It was very filling and a great deal. I highly recommend it. If you go with friends, you can each get a different kind and since each is cut into several slices, get a taste of each. The price range is 10-19€, so not bad at all considering the quality – they use the bread from their bakery next door, which has been deemed some of the best bread in Paris.

Very clean decor with an open-kitchen setting

Salad – strange fetish but I LOVED the plates they served the salad and soup in – the asymmetrical sleekness

Artichoke TartineSardine TartineMy friend got a taste of each kind – Artichoke, Sardine, and Smoked Salmon (Smoked Salmon was my favorite)