J’ai toujours rêvé d’être un Thon


Two things: I love brunch and I only have this weekend and one more weekend in Paris. The other weekends I’ll be in Barcelona, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

So of course, thanks to HiP Paris Blog’s list of brunch spots, my friend and I visited Coquelicot (“poppies”) in the most charming part of the city Montmartre. The interior was just as charming as its location. The brunch itself was very good too – not disgusting portions or very heavy. It was a very humble brunch – simple but delicious. It wasn’t a pretentious Parisian salon de thé – I highly recommend a visit. I would say that the bread is some of the best in the city, with brioche-like textures.

My friend, pictured above, and I decided to continue strolling around Montmartre since we were already in the area. It’s kind of out of the way, so it’s hard to bring ourselves to go, but we had both been meaning to spend more time there. Montmartre is quintessential, quirky Paris. The movie Amélie takes place there as well. We wandered around the cobblestone streets, passing the quaint boutiques, and climbed staircase after staircase to get to the Place du Tertre, where all the artists are gathered, and then up to the Sacré Coeur, where we got a view of all of Paris.

And then at the steps of the Sacré Coeur, we witnessed by far the coolest street act I’ve ever seen in my life. It was the guy who was juggling, in every way possible, a soccer ball on a tiny little platform at the top of the stairs, stripping down to just pants while continuing to keep the soccer ball going, and even climbing up the lamp post. It was unreal.

Only in Paris. Productive Saturday.


Can I just say we were there on the same day?? I saw the football guy too!

Sorry it doesn’t beat Cope