A Sentimental List of 40 Very Specific Things and People I’m Thankful For


In the spirit of Thanksgiving…

  1. My parents – I’m going to work hard enough that one day I’ll be the one supporting them and buying them gifts and making sure that they are happy
  2. My brother – the nicest, most kind-hearted brother in the world
  3. All of my Amherst friends
  4. Being in Paris for a semester – even if I got homesick and I missed my friends, family, America, and Korea, I know that I’ll never have another opportunity like this, where work and school aren’t a priority, and I literally get to travel all over Europe, eating the best food and seeing the most beautiful things
  5. Arielle Doering – my rock
  6. Margaret Klein – WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT YOU NEXT SEMESTER?!  You’re the white version of me!! -__- I’ll never forget how we basically cried tears of joy when we discovered our love of “Cry Just a Little”
  7. Butter and Olive Oil
  8. Chelsea Tejada – you know every light and dark corner of my personality and you still stick around – gracias mi amor <3
  9.  FOOD – I DON’T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE WHO DON’T LOVE FOOD THE WAY I DO. I don’t think people understand how large of a part food plays in my temperment and mood. I even base my friendships off of food because a large portion of what I talk about is food-related and I honestly don’t know what to do with a person if we’re not grabbing lunch together or stress-eating together or just something!!
  10.  My host family – how did I get so lucky??
  11. Health
  12. Kim Britt, Mrs. Fritz, Doug and Barb Core, Mr. and Mrs. Doering, Mrs. and Dr. Chun, Mr. and Mrs. Matteson
  13. My friends’ parents – pretty much all of them have treated me as one of their own and I miss them just about as much as I miss my actual friends. They must be good people to make my best friends
  14. Drinking water
  15. Wine – “Here’s to the corkscrew – a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship, and the gate of pleasant folly.” -W.E.P. French
  16. Joey Fritz – Twin
  17. Robert, Zoe, Jackie, Eliza, Elitah, Kiki – the most loyal friends anybody could ask for
  18. Drinking games
  19. Stephanie Retana – so down to earth…I’m just rull thankful for you <3
  20. Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner
  21. A warm bed
  22. My college
  23. Clothes
  24. Katherine Britt – I’ll always consider you my little sister
  25. Whole wheat products
  26. Q-tips
  27. Scott Turner – change the world homie – even though I don’t get to see you that often, you are the one who made me realize that I need funny people in my life
  28. Music – ABBA had it right
  29. Psy and Gangnam Style
  30. Disney
  31. David Ressler – Soulmate
  32. My grandparents – wish I could spend more time with them
  33. Perfume and Cologne – smelling good is really underrated
  34. Sharshar – stay caring
  35. Lena, Chrisi, Ev – yo – traveling with someone and being in a completely different country together can be a hit or miss and you’ve heard me complain and complain and complain, but thanks for being patient and experiencing all of this semester traveling and exploring with me 🙂
  36. iPhone – I don’t care if this is superficial and terrible – it keeps me connected
  37. Harry Potter books and movies
  38. Nutella
  39.  Kimchi
  40.  All of the places I’ve been able to call home

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I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!