Why French Women are Skinny


There’s been a book written about it, but the world still wonders: how do French women stay so petite?? I’ve been asking myself this since the day I was born and the whole time I’ve been here in Paris…

…as I eat yogurt with a spoonful of honey and baguette with more than a slab of butter in the morning…

…a one-and-a-half foot long cheese and chicken panini or gooey ham and cheese crêpe plus a nutella crêpe or tarte aux framboises or pain au chocolat for lunch…

…another pastry as a snack because, you know, it’s just a snack…

…and then some sort of appetizer, maybe soup or salad or ratatouille, a large hunk tender of meat, a generous portion of mustard, pasta, three to four pieces of bread with copious amounts of butter, a plate of cheese, and then some sort of cake or yogurt…

You know what the real secret is? It isn’t “drinking lots of red wine” or “walking everywhere” or “they smoke! duh!” It’s that they actually pay attention to what they eat. I thought that they had some sort of secret or magic metabolism, but my host-mom scolds my host-sister for eating kebabs or steak-frites or nutella crêpes all the time. I’ve heard girls say they are watching what they eat, and I’ve seen them choose a vegetable soup instead of a hunk of pork.

So while we visitors watch and gain more than a few pounds (or excuse me, kilograms) and wonder how they walk around with a full baguette and stay tiny, they watch us and wonder why we chose to eat that extra baked potato instead of carrots with eggs, or that fresh baguette with nutella instead of an orange.

Food for thought. Still isn’t going to stop me from eating that delicious falafel or macaron or Homemade Chocolate Pear Almond tart with a warm, crispy chocolatey crust. Listen to 3LW’s “Playas Gon’ Play,” and you’ll see where I’m at.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD9A8x_xn5g&w=420&h=315]

It isn’t actually that applicable, but you can never have too many throwbacks.


3LW is my shit