Some of the Happiest Moments in My Life Involve Rice


I. need. Asian. food. Can I get a few snaps from all mah A-Z-N’s out there?? There just those days when you crave dat kimchi or dat sushi or pad thai. It’s especially been a struggle since I’ve been stuffing my face with nutella and bread (my life is so hard)…where’s that rice!!?!?? So of course, I nearly kissed the ground and yelled at the sky “Praise the Lord Hail Mary” (that I actually did) when I stumbled upon (in the real life sense) Little Tokyo. It’s actually more like Little Tokyo-Seoul, since it was just a street lined with Japanese and Korean restaurants and vendors. It felt like Christmas. Home, sweet home. For my fellow yellow homies and white friends who want to be Asian, it’s on Rue Saint Anne by L’Opéra.

That was me after I decided to check out Juji-Ya, a great and casual Bento spot. It’s nothing sparkly or glittery – I hesitate to call it a take-out restaurant because of the quality of the food, but it’s very much a grab-and-go type of place. I highly recommend it, as I’ll be going at least once a week, if not to that specific restaurant, Rue Saint Anne in general. There are pre-packaged meals, which is what I got since I was on the run (for only 5.80 euro), and there are set Bento options where you get rice and then choose three sides. I was in heaven. I had even stopped at a small Korean mart on that same street to buy 고추참치 (my KoKo’s feel me), which I ate with the leftover rice I had from my little Japanese lunch. Rice has never tasted so good. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, Asian food keeps me sane.


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