Shum More of That Shawarma Prease


I go to the famous L’As du Fallafel a minimum of twice a week, so to fulfill that, I went today. I usually just order the falafel since that’s what they’re known for, and it doesn’t involve any more complicated French on my part (not that it’s actually much more complicated to order anything else since it’s just a one-worded order…). Regardless, I decided to be super, hyper, mega adventurous today: I ordered shawarma. Shawarma is an Arab meat preparation, with either beef, pork, lamb, or chicken being grilled on a spit all day. I don’t actually know what type of meat I consumed today, but what’s important is that it was good (I literally don’t understand how you can be a vegetarian). It was served exactly like the falafels, in pita with various vegetables and sauces, but you know how there’s good sex, bad sex, sexy sex, kinky sex, etc. etc.? This was an orgasm all on its own. (I don’t think that’s really appropriate, but it’s to get the point across, OK?!)