Rose Bakery B(run)ch


I’m never going to stop saying this, but: I LOVE BRUNCH. And I run a lot. So every week, I do some research and propose to my friends that we go grab brunch somewhere. Sometimes I run there, sometimes I don’t. What of it. So during my research, I came across Rose Bakery on about every Parisian blog or food website, an adorable English-style restaurant/bakery with locations by Montmartre and in Le Marais. I decided that since I was going on a run, I might as well run to this well-known bakery (and treat myself as a reward because why do we exercise?? Not to be healthy, but so we can eat what we want…right????) It was Sunday and there happened to be something of a street fair going on on Rue des Martyrs, just on the path through the Montmartre area and with the Sacré Coeur at the top of the hill. I stopped running when I reached the crowds of people so I wouldn’t look like a crazy person (although I was pretty ninja, I must say) and finally reached Rose Bakery!! The line was out the door, but it was very much worth the wait.

Their concept is all organic or locally grown ingredients and produce. You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables or tea and other healthy products, along with pastries and tarts and quiches and full meals, sit-down or to go. I had read that the Carrot Cake was worth a try (it was very good and I could almost taste the different vegetables they mixed in – it wasn’t too much of a headache of sugar either), so I got that and a vegetable gratin. Great story about the vegetable gratin: I could’ve sworn it looked like a salmon quiche, so the young lady working there and I had a little game of “guess which thing Kristen wants” in broken French and an awkward American/British accent that I took on when I heard everybody else around me speaking in an British accent, until she finally pointed to the right thing and I learned it was in fact a vegetable gratin, not my beloved salmon. YOLO so I got it anyway. It’s a very charming spot with some good, clean food, so I highly recommend it. Brunch never fails me.



lolololololol you’re funny today

I thought it was salmon quiche from the picture!