I’ve Found in You…My Endless Louvre


Quick declaration:

I’ve decided that I’m going to the Louvre every day until the end of the semester when it’s open and I’m here in Paris. I really don’t have an excuse because it’s directly on my métro line and it’s free for me because I’m an art history student. I usually just waste my mornings sleeping or staring at the computer screen. I forgot how much I love museums. It’s also so easy to forget that seeing a piece of art in person is so different than seeing it on Google images – exactly the same as hearing a song live versus through headphones. The Louvre is so big, so going every morning is really the only way I’ll get to see as much of it as I can. Plus, I don’t want to waste any more time here in Paris. Thus far, I’ve seen parts of the Egyptian art and French art. I started this as of Sunday, so bam!! Bring it on Louvre.


J’ai eu la meme idée! c’est bon.