Friday Funday en France


This was my first weekend in Paris in a while, since we had been busy traveling so much. But it started off splendidly when my friend Lena’s parents took us out to lunch at a very French bistro called Camille, in the heart of Le Marais. I ordered the specials: Ravioli and Steak de Thon (Tuna Steak) with Ratatouille. The focus wasn’t the presentation, at least for the ravioli, but it was the most amazing ravioli I think I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure the ravioli was made fresh in the kitchen. The cheese inside wasn’t such a different texture from the dough, that it made for a very soft, warm, savory bite of goodness. My friends were all about the cream sauce though; they took pieces of bread and wiped the plate clean. My second dish was the tuna with ratatouille. We all know how much I love ratatouille, so I inhaled that first, and then did work on the tuna, which was very good.

After we split from Lena’s parents (her mom is the most social, friendly woman I’ve met, and her dad looks like Ewan McGregor), we kids went to a Jewish bakery nearby. Lena and I decided to split a fig pastry, since we were planning on going to Berthillon, one of the most famous ice cream shops in Paris.

And then, for the cherry on top, Berthillon. I ordered White Chocolate flavor and Rasberry Rose.