Confessions, I mean, Copenhagen, Part II


Now for the important part. My friends and I decided that since we heard fruit and vegetables are cheap in Copenhagen, that we would eat healthily and save our money, since we had gorged at Oktoberfest the previous weekend on fried pork and bratvurst and pretzels and liter after liter of beer. Nope. No, that just didn’t happen. I didn’t necessarily eat more, but I ate incredibly well and very good quality food my whole time in Copenhagen. Reflective of the general ambiance of the city, the food was always clean, presentation and all, always sufficient, and always delicious. The Danes also have a concept called “hygge (pronounced ‘hoog’)” which is making any interior feel cozy and warm, which makes sense since it gets very cold. Consistent with the Danes’ sense of equality in every sense, your average restaurant to the number one restaurant in the world, all have the same polished and clean, yet cozy and humble ambiance.

If you don’t know my obsession with brunch, learn and know it now. I LOVE brunch. The two friends I was visiting took me out to brunch the two days I saw them, and both times I just couldn’t stop smiling and talking about it afterwards.

Rugbrød (pronounced “rullbrah”) – my friend says you just kind of mumble and slur- traditional Danish bread which resembles a savory sort of rye bread – it came in both of my brunches and went best with savory spreads and sides

My friend took me to the oldest bakery in Copenhagen called Sankt Peders Bageri (St. Peter’s Bakery). All of the bakeries in Copenhagen have a golden pretzel hanging outside of the shop to distinguish it as a bakery. One day, I’m going to get one of those and hang it outside of my apartment door or something.

Cinnamon-coated pastry – it was SO doughy and soft and warm and was completely coated in cinnamon sugary goodness

Danish version of Poptarts

Agnes Cupcakes – the cutest, cleanest cupcake spot I’ve ever been – being a red velvet connoisseur, this was my favorite – not too sweet or rich

Had our share of ethnic food

Best naan I’ve ever had – SO doughy and soft with lots and lots of butter

And last but not least, Zoe took me to a burger place Halifax. Oh MY God. Best burger place in the world. I ordered a Chickpea patty with aioli garlic butter and goat cheese. UNBELIEVABLE. I would go vegetarian if I could have this burger everyday. And who knew the Number One Restaurant in ze world was in Copenhagen? NOMA, Ladies and Gentlemen. Maybe I’ll get to eat there one day too…


Not too shabby for three days, huh?


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