Bagels & Brownies


Just across from one of my schools is a sign for “Bagels and Brownies.” Every single time I pass it, I’m always extremely tempted to walk over and get some American lovin’ in my tummy, but then I drool, cry, and then think that it would be a waste of stomach space – why would I get a bagel while in France?? Well friends, today I caved. For lunch, I met up with one of my friends and we waited in line for a very pleasant surprise of a lunch. It was actually such a refreshing change from the paninis and crêpes (as refreshing as a bagel can get, though I’m not complaining). I got a “Montréal,” which is a bagel (I chose an “evrysing” begull, as one of the workers said) with chive cream cheese, avocados, mustard, and smoked turkey. It was the perfect combination – the crispy yet doughy bagel complemented the soft avocados that melted in with the cream cheese, plus the turkey added in a flavorful, smokey twist. Good lord. If you’re studying in Paris, GO. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a brownie, but I was QUITE happy with just the bagel.


this place is delicious, and their rhubarb (or raspberry? i’m not sure) crumble is to die for…also it’s not ridiculously expensive! double like.