A Spicy Date at Villa Spicy


Since it was one of my first and few weekends in Paris in a long time, I wanted to get dressed up and choose a nice restaurant to go to with my friend on this sultry, spicy Saturday night. Just kidding – it wasn’t very sultry – I’m asexual and straight and I was going with one of mah gurlfrands, so it wasn’t actually that interesting of a scenario. But, *hair flip*, I found restaurant gold. We went to Villa Spicy, a restaurant just off of the Champs-Elysées, the perfect location for that evening since we were planning on going to a club nearby. I also felt extra chic-c’est-la-vie. On one hand, I felt like a part of the golden youth, hitting up the famous Champs-Elysées, living it up in my twenties. On the other, I felt old – I was going out to dinner in Paris at a restaurant that wasn’t on the Top 10 Budget Meals in Paris. Food for thought.

Villa Spicy serves only organic dishes. I was a little confused about the interior though – the concept is quite modern and trendy, yet the décor had hints of traditional French design, such as the heavy curtains and the classic wall and ceilings engravings. But there were bits of modern because of the sleekness and simple color palette. That’s just a scatter-brained side note. What matters is that I really liked it there and would love to go back since it reminded me of my granola, organic California roots.

Baked Goat Cheese – I liked this because it had the same texture as authentic goat cheese, but it wasn’t as pungent

Organic Salmon – perfectly cooked, and the balsamic touch was perfect slash made me feel healthy

The salad that came with the salmon – I loved the presentation

Warmed brioche, vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce – if you haven’t seen this picture already, this is one of the best desserts I’ve had in Paris. Everything just melted together into a spoonful of warm, gooey, doughy, sweet goodness