A Pastry a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Until You Explode and Die


On my walk to classes today, I officially decided that I’m going to try a different bakery or café everyday (I’m pretty sure if my parents or personal trainers read this, they would keel over and die). But not just the famous ones – ones I happen to glimpse nestled in small, hidden streets, or ones where I happen to pass by and get a whiff of their fresh bread.

I begin with this one just off of Rue La Fayette, going deeper into the 9th arrondissement. I saw the pretty fall decor outside of it, so I decided to go in and grab something.

With my new sense of ADVENTURE, I also stumbled upon a salad place along the lines of Sprout (holla at me Palo Alto) or Chopped (NYC). They were very generous with the toppings, and I figured I wouldn’t feel as terrible about myself if I put some greens in my system.


[…] are some recent baked goods and goods in general I’ve had since I promised that I would go to a new bakery […]

I’m jealous that you can eat so much and still stay so tiny and as white as the lotus flower