Due to a series of unfortunate events, I had to make a visit to a doctor. Naturally, I asked for an English-speaking one, so that I wouldn’t accidentally tell him I had a toe ache or a liver flu or something. As soon as I entered, there was a charming French girl as the receptionist. I gave her my name and appointment time, and she gave me on mini-slip of paper that asked for my name, address, phone number, and email. I kid you not, that was it. Then with a five to ten minute wait, I was already meeting a very British doctor. It was more like a meeting than your typical doctors appointment. We had a desk and a computer screen separating us, as he asked me of my symptoms. He then gave me a physical analysis, very quick, and then prescribed two things. I paid a total of 60 euros and I was off. That was it. Just some cash and a tiny slip of paper. WHY CAN’T HEALTHCARE BE THIS EASY AND FANTASTIC IN THE STATES? To be perfectly honest, I never really gave much thought to the whole healthcare debate, although I started to suspect that something was a little off in the US when I started getting check-ups in Korea, which were far more convenient and smooth-flowing. I knew the healthcare system was important but I had been getting medical check-ups and appointments the same way for twenty years, why would I suspect anything needed to be different. Well, NOW I DO. I completely understand that it’s not as easy as a blog-post rant to change things and I probably only understand a miniscule portion of the issue, but hey, at least I see a difference. I made an appointment at around eleven this morning, went to an opening at three, and then was out by three-thirty, my wallet only a little lighter, my mind and body feeling healthier already.

If you must know, it was a stomach issue. The irony.


Hope you get better soon!