MacarOns vs. MacarOOns


Can we get something straight here? MacarOns and MacarOOns are two very different things. You pronounce them the way you spell them, but they are not the same thing people!! I want to rip my hair out anytime anybody gets it wrong because macarOns are twenty thousand times more spectacular than macarOOns. MacarOOns have two O’s in the name because they need to compensate for the taste.

Here are what macarOOns look like:

They are mediocre chunks of coconut flavored dough.

Here are what macarOns look like:

MacarOns are made with a meringue-like outside, filled with a light cream. There are many a flavor, but they are not macarOOns. I will judge you and you will probably lose points with me if you spell it or say it wrong after reading this post. Oh you like macarOOns? Consider yourself judged.

Another reason these particular macarons are fantastic? They’re from Ladurée, the oldest and most famous macaron maker…in the world. They’re a little pricey, but I would recommend the splurge if you happen to find yourself near a Ladurée. I believe there’s one in Tokyo, New York, and several in Paris. The one by the Madeleine is the oldest and original.

Odd tip: I went to the one on the Champs-Elysées yesterday and asked one of the workers there what his favorite flavor was, and he said black licorice. I shriveled up a little inside but obviously asked for a black licorice because I didn’t want him to take it personally. But here’s the rub: the black licorice ones don’t taste like black licorice. So you should definitely try them.


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