I Love My Host Family


The other day, I was in my room when my ever-charming host brother Pierre-Louis (16 years old) came by, a piece of bread smeared with Nutella in hand, and told me that there was fresh bread and Nutella in the kitchen, if I wanted to help myself to any. I guess he knows me well enough to not have phrased that as a question, but as a “go get it fatass,” because just a few seconds later, I went frolicking from my room to heaven on earth. By fresh bread, he meant a baguette fresh out of the bakery oven because it was so unbelievably velvety and warm on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. And then of course, there was a the gigantic jar of Nutella. Day made.

To stay on the host family thread, the other night, I stayed in and watched a French movie with my host sister Constance (20 years old). I don’t think she was aware of how much that meant to me and how happy it made me. Looloolala!!