Today was La (le?) Bradderie, a day in Tours where stores open up with unbelievable sales and street vendors are dispersed all around the center of the city (Centre Ville). I, of course, took advantage of this and met up with my friends to go shopping. I ended up buying a long sleeve, two scarves, a pair of earrings, and a silver bangle for just over thirty euro. That’s a deal.

Among the street stands, there was a dried fruit and spices vendor where my friend and I bought a bag of dried strawberries. They tasted like fruit gummies but better since we could taste the texture of the seeds.

As my lunch break, I decided to really go for it and splurge on a really substantial…salad. I was trying to be “healthy” since I knew I was going to try on more clothes and since I had been loading myself recently with so much cheese and bread, but it was a very Kristen-style salad, to say the least.

Salade Écossaise

My friend Evelyn had also gotten a really ridiculous looking fruit tart the other day, which had been consuming my mind, so we went on a bit of a mission to find a tart as good as the one she had, and we did.

Griotte Tartelette

I’m usually more into the chocolate/cookie/really fattening/doughy/bread/buttery type of dessert, but all of these fruit tartes/tartelettes I’ve had have been fantastic.

On another note, we leave for Paris from Tours on Friday!! I’m excited for a zillion and one reasons, but mainly because you think the food from Tours has been scrumptious? Multiply that times a million and inject it with heroin and that’s how much more amazing food (and life) in Paris is and will be.