Being a Student in Paris


Considering I’m going to be here until December, I’ve decided to cut down on my gourmanding and be a little more budget-conscious when its lunchtime (we’ll see how long this lasts). And I’ve found the perfect solution!! There’s this Greek stand across from a high school near my program which sells all of your quintessential French lunchtime favorites: crêpes, paninis, sandwiches, and kebabs. I would argue they have some of the best jambon fromage crêpes in the city – they pack in the cheese and ham, and flavor it with salt and pepper (Métro Notre-Dames des Champs). I’ve been alternating between that and their various paninis, such as the one below. Super cheap and delicious. Their Panini Nutella are also super popular.

And I’ve also discovered the beauty of French vending machines. The quality of packaged pastries in those machines are probably as good as something you can find at a nice bakery in the States. I’ve been getting these madeleines everyday (along with a crêpe nutella or a suisse au chocolat…) because they’re only 90 cents!!


Wait…you’re going to school in Paris? I thought you were just eating…