Angelina Ballerina


Angelina Ballerina becomes Angelina Fat Ballerina at Angelina’s in Paris. Angelina is my pseudonym and I’m secretly a ballerina, therefore, I am getting fat in Paris. Just kidding (no I’m not kidding).

The signature item on the menu is the Chocolat Chaud au Chocolat Blanc or White Hot Chocolate. The first time I went was five years ago, and the sultry thickness and rich creaminess never left my tastebuds. There’s also the Chocolat Noir, but I prefer the Chocolat Blanc by a light year. My mom described it as being similar to condensed milk, while others described it as drinking melted chocolate. Although white chocolate is traditionally the sweetest of the different shades of chocolate, the White Hot Chocolate isn’t so sweet that it’ll give you a headache. Instead, you’ll be able to feel it warm your stomach and literally melt in your mouth. Sorry- this sounds really explicit, but I’m pretty sure it does it for people the same way other things do. This is one of those moments where deciding between food and sex is nearly impossible. So next time you’re in Paris, Angelina’s White Hot Chocolate should be on your Top 5 Things to Make You Fatter, I mean, Top 5 Things to Do…

They also served us little cups of chantilly/whipped cream – not too sweet and perfectly fluffy.




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Oh my goodness, that all looks absolutely amazing! If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be that whipped cream…