Paris Holds the Key to My Heart…and Stomach


Day: That there is a jambon fromage crepe. I thought I would never stray from my nutella crepes, but I decided to really take the risk (and take the disk) and get a savory crepe (savory crepes are called galettes). It was the most delicious snack ever.

Night: Last night was my first night out in Paris!! My friends and I went to a restaurant by L’Opéra and got a bottle of wine. My friends got to hear first hand how badly I wanted to get drunk and go to a club. They got to hear it first hand repeatedly and obnoixously. Hate me or love me. After the wine at the restaurant, my friends and I went to a little bar where we had apple and caramel-flavored shots. I liked the apple better because they were more fresh and almost minty while the caramel ones were too sugary for me, although most of my friends like d the caramel better. Personal preference.

And then one friend and I did end up going to a club called La Bringue!! I think girls got in free because we did, but it might’ve been the hour at which we went, or maybe we were just too hot for these Parisians (I’m kidding, we were the ugly ducks). But it seemed very exclusive for the guys because we saw homme after garçon after guy get rejected by the bouncers. But thank god the bouncers were picky, because once we got inside, good lord, there was not a single ugly guy. I was literally just shamelessly staring at the guys in the club because they were all GORGEOUS. I was trying to look as sexy as possible running my hands through my hair but then my hair just got stuck in my rings and then my friend had to hold my purse as I tried to untangle it and then I spilled some of my drink on my feet.

The other thing I noticed was that people don’t really grind or freak-a-leek the way we do in the states. It was more like drinking at the bar, and dancing to dance, with the occasional twirl-around-go-in-for-the-kill. After a particularly aggressive encounter with a blond beau, my friend and I left around 3:30 to go home. I woke up this morning feeling like I had stones in my head, but then went on a run to Le Marais to sweat off the alcohol and for some exploring.


I don’t even like ham, but I’m ashamed of what I would do to get my hands on the crepe right about now!