Putting the “Study” in “Study Abroad”


Since I am, in fact, “studying” abroad, I do have to take classes. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in just south of Paris in Tours for a two-week orientation. During these two weeks, we have various meetings and excursions along with two classes: Expression Orale and La Langue et Grammaire. You don’t need to know French to know what I do in those classes.  I have one professor whose favorite color is clearly pink, judging by her bright pink pencil case and pink Hello Kitty pencil (I liked her from the moment I laid eyes on that pencil, although I had to stop myself from stealing it). Her wardrobe consists of brightly colored dresses; she wore a sunshine yellow one today. She reminds me quite a bit of a female Professor Slughorn or a kind Umbridge.

My other professor for La Langue, as he described, “J’habite ici à Tours, Je suis français, et j’ai 27 ans.” The part that matters to us is that he is a young 27 year old. I’m in love with him and I’m pretty sure all of the other girls are too (except for my one friend whose type is large rugby players, so she’s an outlier). He’s the quintessential, young French professor who is just so charming and nice and boyishly cute and perfect…

He has a girlfriend though – a Korean one – I’M HIS TYPE.

But I’m getting off topic. These classes are full French immersion. So if we pair this along with the constant French spoken with my host mother and then the Franglais I speak with my friends, I can’t help but hope that my French will improve.

Even though the courses are in full gear, I was just saying today that this is the least stressed I’ve been in at least two years (probably more). If anything, there’s no stress. We have a few hours of classes in the morning, and then we’re off for the day to get a delicious lunch, walk around town, hang around in cafés for hour upon end, talking with friends or not even talking and just sitting, sipping on our petit chocolat or café crème. (I took it to another level and took a nap in one of the café’s we went to). Simply put: all is well.


You’re Korean? ME TOO!

This post made me laugh out loud!