Cheesin’ Chelsea


Say bonjour, 你好, hola to Chelsea Te-HOTTIE (she understood all of those). She also likes cheese! Chelsea cheesin’. Along with being an avid lover of cheese, she is also the sweetest and sassiest, pure-hearted but A-blood-typed Colombian chica bonita I’ve ever known.

I never used to really go looking for cheese. I can’t even think of a time I would choose a grilled cheese over a chicken sandwich or just snack on cheese before I met this girl. I mean, I knew she liked cheese, but then we were roommates for our sophomore year, and then I became a wheel of cheese. Just kidding, I’m still a human. But she would be on her bed, where she always does work, literally eating a block of cheese, sometimes with crackers, sometimes without. Her only contributions to the fridge were blocks of every type of cheese (often times spicy because she got that Latina flava flave). But she’s not a hunk of cheese herself- she’s tiny!! But she would literally finish off whole blocks of cheese in a sitting (along with some jalapeno chips, but let’s stay focused here!). I guess she just really likes cheese or something.

But like I said, I never really cared for cheese because I would always have chosen popcorn chicken, grapes, or I don’t even remember my life before cheese to be honest, but I swear I snacked on other stuff…maybe donuts or chocolate or something. But now, I have cheese cravings on the daily, by the hour, on the hour, on the minute, whatever. There are just so many types of cheese that I love (although I still can’t do blue cheese unless it’s with buffalo chicken). And it’s so versatile! You can sprinkle it on pasta, let it ooze in a grilled cheese, go on a cheese platter to be served with crackers and pate or olives, toss it in with salads, or you can even find it in desserts! Thanks to Cheesin’ Chelsea, my palette has expanded and my taste has become far more sophisticated. I cherish Chelsea and cheese the way the boy band 98 Degrees cherishes you (I swear they have a song called I Cherish You…or maybe it’s just called I do. YOLO).

Cheese on bottom right corner…MADE YA LOOK! It’s on the lower left…

Cheese Platter


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