The Brunch Club


Brunch is probably one of my favorite meals – as is every other meal. But it’s fine. Brunch is great. It’s a meal that is super under-utilized. It can be the perfect post-sleepover meal, the perfect meal for a busy day, or most commonly, the perfect hangover meal. Brunch is like that person you take for granted, always there but never fully appreciated until you grow up and start spending time with this actually really great meal…or person. Same thing.

Benefits of brunch:

  • Eat a high calorie meal and not feel like a total waste of space because you have the whole day to burn it off or you’re just going to nap afterwards and sleep through all of your other meals
  • Omelettes and coffee cakes and pastries are the best (why do breakfast for dinner when you can just do brunch!!??)
  • Pizza and sweet potato fries and leftovers are the best (why eat it later when you can eat it now?!)
  • Brunch spots generally are great for people watching because the two categories of people are 1) peppy, nuclear families who go to “Sunday Brunch!” after church who have so much energy that you wonder if they are all just hopped up on cocaine, including the children  2) other hungover hot messes who are just like you with whom you make eye contact and give each other a knowing but sympathetic nod
  • For those of you (not us, you) less lazy people, brunch can be a reason to wake up at a reasonable hour on a Sunday
  • You can dress up for a fancy brunch
  • You can go naked for all people care – by naked, I mean the clothes from the night before your nicest pair of sweats and smudged mascara

Le point of zis post: GET BRUNCH…and make a Brunch Club out of it.


My friend took me here on the Fourth of July, post-old-school sleepover. I thought for the longest time that this place was pronounced like Hobbes from “Calvin and Hobbes.” It’s not. It’s pronounced “Ho-beez.” Like promiscuous insects. Apart from that little fun fact, this place opened my eyes to the many summer brunches to come (actually only two more), but it was still great nonetheless. They’re all over the Bay Area so definitely take a step in to Ho-beez.

I don’t have the picture of food anymore, so here are the honey bunches of oats I went with:

La Boulange

This is one of my all time favorite chains. I feel like I’m doing it an injustice by calling it a chain, but I legitimately go here for at least one meal a day. They have amazing sandwiches, salads, pastries, and perfect for this post, brunches. I have yet to have something mediocre here.

Omelette with toast and fresh fruit


Nestled in one of my favorite streets in San Francisco is Perry’s! My friends and I were walking around for a good brunch place and came across this all-American restaurant. It was pretty fully and looked more popular than some of the other cafe’s on the street, so we decided to take a peek. It is super traditional American, which might throw off the cultured, globalized foodie, but nothing wrong with being a lil’ bit ‘murrican.

Chicken Apple Sausages

Sweet Potato Fries

Check out for more food pictures taken by yours truly!!


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[…] you don’t know my obsession with brunch, learn and know it now. I LOVE brunch. The two friends I was visiting took me out to brunch the two days I saw them, and both times I […]