David Ressler: Moon Prism Cooking Power


That’s David Ressler. We lived together this summer. He’s been there for me at my best and at my worst, in terms of life AND food. One of our main pastimes this summer was to go to our wifi-less apartment, cry because we had no wifi, and then find a very weak connection to some random resident’s wifi network to watch Sailor Moon. I am being completely serious when I say that whenever Sailor Moon yelled her “Moon Prism Power” to transform into her Sailor alter-ego, David and I legitimately screamed like little girls. We also loved and still love this show because we are both Sailor Moon. She doesn’t really care about anything apart from eating vast amounts of food and sleeping.

Anyway, I tried cooking once, and failed miserably, so responsibility shifted over to David, which worked out well. He’s a really great cook. But he (and I) are both self-proclaimed health nuts who also drink enough on weekends to black out and vomit in elevators. But since his life-long dream was to have a cooking show, we created one for him titled “Moon Prism Cooking Power.” So here are some of the healthy and delicious creations he made.

Baked Chicken (this was ACTUALLY crack money)

Baked Salmon

Couscous Salad

BONUS: You thought that was all? David is also secretly (or not so secretly a Disney Prince). Check out his YouTube channel!!


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